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I am NOT a bot! I am NOT a bot!!! I am NOT a bot!

IANAB is a bot for AOL Instant Messenger programmed in Perl using the Net::AIM and DBD::CSV modules and released under the GPL. If you invite IANABot to a chat room, ask it nicely to "please leave" and it will. All bugs should be reported to bugzilla.

Currently, IANAB is in the "alpha" stage and most of its code is in cvs. Feel free to check it out and report bugs. The first beta will be released within a couple weeks :).

To do:
  • add a dictionary and BOTdict function
  • change BOTfortune to BOTquote and the previous BOTquote to BOTmessage
  • add global BOTweather function, not just the Tennessee Valley

Development status (IANABot):
  • Time to make the sucker learn...
  • Added a function for SETI@home users.
  • Added config.pl and fixed up chatroom bugs
  • remembers names ("Who am I?")